Hello there! I’mMe Jessica and I’ve been an EFL teacher off and on since 2005, although full time for about 6 years. The main bulk of my experience abroad has been in Japan, a brief stint in South Sudan, followed by Colombia most recently where I spent 2.5 years with the British Council. I’ve worked for a variety of different employers including Universities, FE colleges, private institutes and in-company. I’ve also worked with teens in the UK for 2 lovely summers at Isca School of English (Exeter), a gorgeous place I would thoroughly recommend to teachers and students alike.

From 2008-10 I also worked for a London-based business language agency, which gave me a great insight into the administrative side of the industry – corporate meetings, pay roll, resource management, recruitment, timetabling, course planning, the lot. I was probably a little under-experienced at the time, but it was super useful, if only because it made me realise I much prefer being in the classroom, and since then I haven’t looked back! I’m currently finding my feet in Barcelona, working at ESADE University on the Business BA Undergraduate Programme and loving it.

Why blog? I’ve been thinking about it since completing the DELTA in 2012 so it’s well overdue. It’s intended as a record of reflection, successful activities, complete lessons past and present, as well as thoughts about the Action Research PGCert I completed in 2015 and what’s sprung from it.  I’m also getting gradually more involved in teacher training, becoming an assistant TYLEC tutor, a TKT assessor and delivering several INSET sessions in-house, so i’m keen to explore this more. Finally, I took some time out last year to focus on studying Spanish full-time and I can honestly say it was just as important a learning experience (if not more) than any teaching course I’ve ever attended. This synergy of learning, teaching, and training fascinates me and it’s something I’d love to discuss with interested others!!

So, most importantly, through this blog I’d like to make connections with EFL teachers and trainers who share a passion for the job, to swap thoughts, ideas and sound things out. Thanks for reading, don’t be a stranger!

Qualifications & Training

  • CELTA (2005) – Liverpool Hope University
  • DELTA (2012) – IH London
  • TYLEC (2013) – BC Bogota
  • From Teacher to Trainer – NILE University Online (2015)
  • Post-Graduate Certificate Action Research (PGCResearch) – University of Leicester (2014-15)

2 thoughts on “Me

    1. Hahaha yes sir! Soz, the blogs been on a bit of a hiatus, thanks so much for the motivational poke and glad you enjoy it. I’ve published a bit of a run down of my first pre-sessional. More to follow…

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