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How NOT to do Action Research: 5 Lessons Learnt…

Below is an article I recently wrote for iTDi which can also be found here: http://itdi.pro/blog/2016/03/26/how-not-to-do-action-research-5-lessons-learnt/ I’d love to hear about other people’s experiences of action research, and would be really open to future collaborations! How NOT to do Action Research – 5 lessons learnt by Jessica Brook “Doing a project that is truly complex and… Continue reading How NOT to do Action Research: 5 Lessons Learnt…


Suffix Poems: Making Word Formation Memorable

The Word Formation task from the Use of English section in exams like CAE and FCE strikes fear (or boredom) into the hearts of students. While there is a finite list of English prefixes (malformed) and suffixes (formation), it’s an incredibly long one. Also confusing are combined forms with an apparent affix which is intrinsic and indivisible from the… Continue reading Suffix Poems: Making Word Formation Memorable

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Presentation Skills Course Take 2

Last week I finished my first presentation skills course with a group of first year business undergrads, culminating in assessed 15-minute group presentations on some business-themed aspect of one of the MINT countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey – it’s a business thing). I’ve never taught a course devoted to presentations before (in fact I’ve often argued against doing presentations)… Continue reading Presentation Skills Course Take 2